Impact Control Wheel

Suspension at the Source

Wheel Suspension System

Front Wheel

Featuring our own patented soft flatfree tire, the front wheel is designed to cushion all bumps and eliminate the bounces, giving the mower a smoother ride, and keep the deck stable.

Less bouncing in the front end means improvement to the cut quality, so you get a better cut every time compared to standard wheels. Doesn't it just make sense to not redo your work? Time is money!

No more bumps and bounces means no more aches and pains, and an all around more comfortable ride, as the floor-pan is not jostling your legs all over the place! It's almost boring to ride a ZTR with our suspension system...

Rear Wheel

The majority of the weight of a ZTR mower rests on the rear wheels, so the majority of force from bumps are sent from the turf, through the rear wheels, and into the rest of the tractor, and directly up to the driver. Sometimes, with a particular terrain, the rider is at risk of being sent off of their tractor due to the rear wheels not absorbing enough bounce. Our wheel solves that.

The Rear Wheel design incorporates springs inside the tubes that form a triangle. This design allows the rear wheel to soften the torque from the pump motors driving the tractor when going forward or reverse. This means less whip-lash to your neck!

Providing 70% of reduced shock and vibration, the rear wheels hold the majority of the tractors weight, and will significantly reduce the wear and tear of regular use to the entire tractor, but most importantly, to the rider! Imagine riding a ZTR that is 70% less bumpy... is it a dream?

Suspension at the source

70% Reduced Vibration

Our suspension wheels have been tested on an accelerometer to reduce vibration by 70% compared to a standard pneumatic tire on a 13”x6.50”x7” ZTR wheel.

Superior Suspension

The Impact Control Wheel Suspension System is an independent suspension built inside the wheels of the tractor, intended to absorb shock and vibration before it reaches the rest of the tractor.  This is Suspension at the Source.

Improved Handling

Since each wheel is independently suspended, there is a noticeable improvement in traction, handling, and ride comfort, due to its ability to neutralize several bumps simultaneously. That means a safer, more enjoyable ride!

Your First Line of Defense

Shock and vibration from the turf is the primary cause of wear and tear on a ZTR mower. This Wheel Suspension System acts as an insulation between the frame of the tractor and the turf, in the form of suspension wheels. With a 70% reduction in shock, right at the source, these wheels can be your first line of defense against wear and tear.

Your tractor could be your livelihood, or just another part of your lawncare items. Either way, they’re expensive. Doesn't it make sense to invest in protection for your machinery?

Reducing shock and vibration by 70% right at the source means the Impact Control Wheel Suspension System can be the first Line of Defense against the wear and tear of the turf.

70% reduced shock and vibration means 70% less wear and tear on your tractor, not to mention less wear and tear to yourself. It also means less time spent repairing. Now you can get the most out of your machinery, and enjoy riding your tractor more.



1 Year Limited warranty:

Warranty covering only defects in material and workmanship, and normal use of Zero Turn Radius Mowers.

What is not covered: Impact damage, cuts, snags, machine damage, machine accident/collision, fire , mis-mounting, chemical corrosion, chemical exposure, lightning, or contact with electrical power lines, overload, misapplication, misuse, neglect, operation at excessive speed, environmental temperatures outside the range of -40F to 240F, chain damage, and/or mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Warranty does not apply to tires. Warranty does not cover abuse or collisions. Warranty does not include use on any vehicle other than Zero Turn Radius Mowers.

Return Policy

We will pay the shipping and processing of a return.

We cannot accept returns out of warranty.

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  • Equip Exposition 2022

  • We had a great time and made a lot of connections
  • David Wichern, Daniel Wichern, Jevin Warner

Equip Exposition 2022

We had a great time and made a lot of connections

David Wichern, Daniel Wichern, Jevin Warner