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Impact Control Wheel, LLC. is a company in Saint Louis, Missouri developing our patented Impact Control Wheel Suspension System technology for the application of ZTR suspension system.  Our design is superior to other solutions similar to suspension and shock absorption in the Lawn and Garden market.

David Wichern: Inventor and President of ICW.

Daniel Wichern: CEO of ICW

Mission Statement: To provide a 5 star product using our patented internal suspension system and researching and developing this technology for other applications across industries.

Connect with me

Daniel Wichern | LinkedIn

email: danielw@impactcontrolwheel.com

phone: 314 498 0455

 Our Commitments

We are committed to improving the product first, and the marketing second

We are committed to providing 5 star customer service

We are committed to listening to the feedback of the market

We are committed to delivering on our promises

Our Intention

 We believe that our technology can greatly improve the ZTR experience.  We are confident enough to debut our product to the industry and begin business in the Lawn and Garden Market, with the intention of continuing to improve and develop our products, and truly provide a product with benefit and value, worthy of its price.

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The Story So far
Designed and built right in the garage, David Wichern has created the next evolution in suspension systems, with the Impact Control Wheel. There are many applications for this technology, though it is currently only designed for the front and rear wheels of Zero Turn Radius Mowers. There is literally nothing like this on the market today. It is The Wheel, re-invented.