Addressing the Issue at the Source

In most ZTR designs, there is not a suspension between the frame of the tractor and the wheels of the tractor.  This leaves the tractor with a very rigid riding experience, with no dampening of the bumps from the turf.  This makes the riding experience dangerous and very uncomfortable for the rider.  Suspension seats have been created as a way to alleviate the issues of this design, for the comfort of the rider, but this is treating the symptoms of the problem and not addressing the problem itself.  Doesn’t it just make sense to treat the issue at the source?  

Suspension at the Source

The Impact Control Wheel Suspension System is an independent suspension built inside each wheel of the tractor, intended to absorb shock and vibration before it reaches the rest of the tractor.  This is Suspension at the Source.  Since each wheel is independently suspended, there is a noticeable improvement in traction, control, and ride comfort as well, due to its ability to neutralize several bumps simultaneously. The Impact Control Wheel Suspension System acts as an insulation between the turf and the frame of the tractor, in the form of suspension wheels.  It is the first line of defense against wear and tear.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Shock and vibration from the turf is the primary cause of wear and tear on a ZTR mower.  The Impact Control Wheel Suspension System has been tested on an accelerometer to reduce vibration by 70% compared to a standard pneumatic tire on a 13”x6.50”x7” ZTR wheel.  Our product will reduce wear and tear on the tractor, as it provides a 70% reduction in vibration, right at the source, before the vibration carries through to the rest of the tractor.  70% reduced shock and vibration should mean 70% reduced damage to the tractor, right?